Operation Underground Railroad
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March 17, 2020

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many are transitioning to online schooling and work. With increased screen time, it is an important time to talk with your kids about internet safety. Here are 5 essential resources to help you navigate these conversations:

1. O.U.R. Internet safety guide

Michelle Busch-Upwall, the Utah ICAC Task Force Education Specialist, shares important information about what grooming looks like online and how we can protect our children.

2. predators & Online gaming

Fight the New Drug is a non-religious, non-legislative nonprofit educating the public about the harmful effects of pornography and how it intersects with sex trafficking. 

3. Age-Appropriate education

NETSMARTZ is the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s online safety education program. It provides age-appropriate videos and activities to help teach children and teens to be safer online. 

4. Love146: TAlking with your kids

Love146 has comprehensive internet safety guides for teens and parents to help identify risky behaviors before they become problematic.

5. how to prevent sextortion

As defined by the FBI, sextortion is a crime that happens online when an adult convinces a person that is younger than 18 to share sexual pictures or perform sexual acts on a webcam. Learn more at stopsextortion.com.

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Thank you for the timely caution?
Very helpful and informational , thank you ?
Janell Coomer
thank u for this
Mercy Miller
Really helpful tips. I prefer to play in front of my kids to attract them towards sports, skitting, and football.
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