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How O.U.R. Helps Survivors in Utah
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July 09, 2019

O.U.R. works all over the world to protect children from sex trafficking, including in our own backyard. The O.U.R. Aftercare Team dedicates important time developing relationships and partners in Utah to build a network of holistic resources for survivors. We are excited to see our resources in Utah expanding, and we are grateful for our many partners who work so hard to provide love and support for survivors. 

1. Survivor Advocacy in Court

O.U.R. Aftercare provides advocacy with survivors in court. There are many minors in Utah who have faced the horror of human trafficking and being exploited in what traffickers refer to as “child pornography”. Our Aftercare Team collaborates with several other non-profit agencies to provide the best quality of care possible. 

From court to horse therapy and other therapeutic activities, the aftercare of a survivor is vital. O.U.R.’s hope is that survivors know they have an additional family for life that will support them along the journey.

2. Aftercare Resources

The O.U.R. Aftercare Team works to find and vet local aftercare resources to offer holistic healing to survivors. O.U.R. Volunteers also continually provide in-kind donations, such as winter jackets or hygiene kits, to deliver to survivors at local aftercare homes.

3. Medical Services

We are so grateful for Salt Lake Behavioral Hospital that has provided specialized care and resources for the survivors we have referred to them. We believe these services will continue to grow and that Utah will be a place where survivors find healing after many have felt they could not fight their trauma any longer. 

4. SLC Street Outreach

O.U.R. Aftercare has been involved in street outreach to victims for the last few years through partnerships with a local church and government agencies. In May of this year, there was a request for additional outreach teams. Our incredible partners and full-time O.U.R. staff were able to train 30 additional people to start our new outreach team. The purpose of this training was to build up additional leaders to provide loving non-judgmental support to women and children who are at high risk for exploitation or are currently being sexually exploited that struggle with chronic homelessness. We are excited for this team to go out and spread hope to those in need.

training for new SLC outreach team

5. Utah Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Support

O.U.R. recognizes the value of empowering our local Utah ICAC teams to aggressively combat those who prey on and exploit children. These teams do extraordinary work to fight this evil and O.U.R. wants them to have the tools to fight this battle effectively. Our support of Utah ICAC has led to 10 arrests, 24 rescues, and 55 initiated investigations from January – April 2019 alone. O.U.R. thanks all the dedicated police officers who are part of this ICAC team. We are honored to support your efforts.

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Utah County Operations Supported by O.U.R. 

Help us support four more states!

Joining together our talents, resources, and skills allows the fight against child sex trafficking to grow significantly stronger. Everyone is important in this fight, and together we can work towards the end goal: to end child trafficking.

We are working to expand our resources in more states this month with the hope to bring FREEDOM FOR ALL. This summer (June-July 2019), we are working to support four more states. With your help, we can provide essential tools, technology, and support to these law enforcement teams to rescue more children in the U.S. 

Your donation will be tripled until July 31st.  Click here to donate today! 

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What is your mailing address? I can't find on the website
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Hi there, I live in SLC and I would love to help with the after care. I was wondering if I can get information.
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