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How a Quilter's Guild Joined the Fight Against Trafficking
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February 28, 2018

There are many ways to use your individual talents to contribute to the fight against trafficking. You may be an aspiring writer, artist, or great event planner. Whatever your individual talents are, they can be used to make a difference in fighting trafficking.

The Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild recently offered to make ten handmade quilts for our survivors. We just received the first three.

Sara, one of the guild members, wrote a letter explaining part of the story behind the quilts. With her experience in law enforcement, she had dealt with human trafficking firsthand. However, she always wished that she could continue helping them in the healing process.

Rehabilitation is one of the most important steps in our process. “There is no rescue without rehabilitation,” Tim Ballard once said. Providing love, hope, and opportunity are just a few of the things we hope to provide in aftercare.

The Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild wanted to provide survivors with a way to feel special. “Each of these quilts are unique and original, just like the women who receive them,” they said.

Chattanooga Modern Quilt Guild

They have even included an extra child’s quilt in case any of the survivors have a child.

We are incredibly grateful for the generosity and thoughtfulness of this group. Each survivor we rescue is important and these individual quilts are a great way to help them feel loved.

What can YOU Do?


How can you use your talents in the fight against trafficking? Visit our platform YOURrescue.org to start your own campaign!

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